Daniel Jones ::: Forever in Disguise


Daniel Jones- Forever in disguise.


Forever in Disguise is the first album from Corkonian singer songwriter Daniel Jones. This release is already mildly infamous for having its cover art banned from Myspace. Apparently nudity isn’t for album covers. One wonders what they would have made of Roxy Music or Nirvana’s better known efforts. Thankfully Jones has delivered a collection of songs that are far more noteworthy than any online artistic quibble.

It’s an impressive debut from Jones. Opening track ‘Rip it Up’ is reminiscent of early Sleeper with a touch of The Replacements thrown in for good measure. It’s a fine start to an album that delivers more than its fair share of impressive tracks. On ‘Fragments of a lover’  a piano and string driven number, Jones shows the kind of bombast  and soaring vocal we normally associate with balladeers like Ed Harcourt. Jones never allows things to tip over into the mawkish though and executes the kind of heartfelt delivery that runs throughout the album.

Other highlights include the delightfully scuzzy, feedback driven guitar of ‘Bouquet’ and the more low key but tuneful ‘Hollywood Start’. There’s a plaintiveness and genuine quality to Jones’ voice that sucks in the listener and makes you want to come back for more.

‘Taunting the tide’ closes the album and is a haunting, melodic finish to proceedings. The wheel isn’t being radically reinvented here but all in all it’s a damn fine rookie effort from Jones that showcases a promising addition to the singer songwriter stable.


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