Matinee Idles -Someone somewhere

This latest number from the Matinee Idles upcoming album “a festival of colours” (due out sometime in 2013) and on the back of this single and 2010’s ‘Everything’ it promises to be an eclectic affair.

I really need to get out of here. Someone, somewhere take me home’ lead singer Kevin Barry implores. The Dubliner’s vocal is genuine with an air of quiet desperation, hovering at the back of the track in a tune that comes over all dark and lowdown. It’s a sombre, uneasy affair laden with longing.

So far, so low key but from about the one minute mark the unnerving drums and guitar suddenly build in volumeand intensity, they rise to a real crescendo of menace before suddenly shuddering to an abrupt halt. At a little over three minutes the single doesn’t outstay its welcome.

An upbeat summer number this isn’t. It comes off a little Zooropa meets Kid A era Radiohead down a dark alley, which isn’t a bad thing if you can imagine such a sonic marriage. This latest release from the Idles shows enough promise to mark Barry’s band as one to watch out for in 2012.

4 /6 stars

Niall Healy.


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