Seven Summits ::: Fossils

Cast your memory back to 2009. Remember when Seven Summit’s self-titled debut assaulted the charts and dominated the airwaves? Me neither. Unfortunately their first long player whilst critically well received pretty much tanked commercially. Lesser bands might have slunk off into obscurity but the Belfast quintet have gone all Alan Partridge and are bouncing back with a new albumfossils. The good news is that it’s an absolute delight.

It’s a standout long player with oversized swathes of pop assaulting your senses like a melodic blitzkrieg. They’ve crafted some fantastic moments on a record that fizzes with invention and relentlessly upbeat tunes. They wear their Grandaddy influences on their sleeves with opener ‘Sooner or Later’. It zips along on a wave of synth and drums and is a good indicator of what’s to come.

Burning heart’ is the standout track for me, its three minutes and thirty seconds of shimmering indie pop perfection (with a knowing nod to Weezer’s ‘Buddy Holly’). It’s an instantly catchy and infectious number that has already been nominated for a Northern Irish Music Award and should do well if there’s any justice in the world. Other highlights include the understated, synth laden ‘I want somebody’ and upcoming single ‘The Worrier’.

It might be a relatively short journey through the album’s ten tracks but it’s far from an unpleasant one. It’s not over the top to say that on their sophomore effort Seven Summits manage the dual feat of being both quality popsmiths and fine purveyors of lyrical goodness. This album is a bit special and on the strength of this release it seems only a matter of time before people start taking notice of this band.

Review by Niall Healy


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