Blancatransfer ::: Electric Light


When I listened to the intro for ‘Electric Light’, for some reason I thought of ZZ Top. It’s probably just me but the bearded classic rockers sprang to mind for a fleeting two or three seconds. Sanely enough the rest of this track does NOT sound like a single from the Top.

Electric Light’ is the latest single from Blancatransfer, surely the first three piece to spring forth from such disparate musical surroundings as Clonmel & Madrid . The blurb goes that Limerick born Singer/Guitarist Derek Corrwho is based in the Spanish capital keeps in touch with the rest of the band through social media and their music is made via sending demos back and forth.

Working across two countries must make for a difficult songwriting process but they manage to pull it off with this release. It’s a simple enough melody that is powered along by an electronic sounding percussion section. If I had to offer a comparison here I’d say there’s more than a strong hint of Duran Duran to this song. The band’s other material has a rougher edge but ‘Electric Light’ has a polished feel to it reminiscent of the kind of pop that will be coming to an Eighties electro night near you. It’s not the finished article by any means but going on this single the Hiberno-Iberian experiment is moving in the right direction.

3 /6 Stars.


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