James Mc Nair :::

Niall Healy | 08.08.12

James Mc Nair hails from Aiken, South Carolina and as you might expect from a southern gentleman he specialises in Acoustic tinged alt-country. He’s been down the route of local high school bands and has graduated to putting out solo tunes whilst being a guitar for hire on other projects since 2007.
As you might expect there’s a slow drawling quality to McNair’s vocal. It meanders pleasantly around the tale of southern living that is ‘like you should’ , its languid, reflective stuff with lines about knowing that ‘you’d be here if you could’ , this isn’t twee, cornball country but has a genuine quality underwriting it’s lyrics. Other decent tracks by McNair include the lively ‘More Alone’ and the decidedly uncomplicated ‘Cursing the Rain’. One song that didn’t work for me was ‘the Ocean’ which oddly enough sounds like someone giving directions rather than a fully formed song.
McNair is obviously a dedicated, hardworking, multi-instrumentalist who lays down the strings, drums and everything else besides on his tracks. His brand of alt-country music mightn’t be to everyone’s taste but there’s plenty to like here. If you were pushed to put a label on this artist then you could mark his output to date as a promising work in progress.
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