Slow Magic, Zombie Computer, Sad Soul Circus, Reid.

Cyprus Avenue 10/08/12.

An exciting night of electronic thrills, spills and all else besides was promised and to be fair the line-up didn’t disappoint. Things were a tad delayed kicking off but like all good things if you wait they will arrive. The boys from Alliance Promotions and Noize culture got four acts under the one roof and it was a real treat from start to finish.
REID used to play with Zombie computer and it’s good to see his solo career off to a good start with a decidedly pleasant showing. There was also an excellent set from Sad Soul Circus A.K.A Finn Yowell who managed to house up everything from Sinatra to Kid A, no mean feat says I.

Admittedly electronic music wouldn’t normally be my kind of thing but there was enough on show here even for the most casual of listeners to be impressed. Zombie computer have been off the radar for seven months and they only made their return to gigging at Indiependence. They could have perhaps been forgiven for being a little off the pace live but there were no signs of ring rustiness from the local electronica duo who showed their worth by delivering a rousing new set on the night. It can be sometimes daunting when playing new material but they carried it off with gusto. Their brooding sound works well in a venue like Cyprus Avenue. They are fast garnering a solid reputation and on the back of this it’s easy to see why.

Slow Magic had top billing (on the poster at least) and the masked man delivered with a performance of incredible energy and dynamism. He took to the floor two or three times during his set and boy can the lad get a drum going. Highlights were the fantastic single Corvette Cassette and a foot stomping showing of Sorry Safari. Sometimes a live act can surprise the life out of you with what they deliver and this was one of those nights. The man in the multi-coloured mask and eyes aglow stole the show with a high tempo performance that really got people moving. He made a great connection with his audience and marked himself out as an act to be on the lookout for the next time he’s Ireland bound.

So there you have it, he bangs the drums was the story of the night with a tremendous showing from Zombie computer and a tasty two sets from Reid and Sad Soul Circus. Plenty of bang for your buck and this punter departed into the night safe in the knowledge that Cork’s electronic scene is in exceptionally rude health.


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