Women’s Murder Club ::: Pop Music

Niall Healy | 20.08.12

There’s a certain perverse irony in christening your first EP ‘Pop Music’ when your modus operandi is creating Avant garde soundscapes more befitting the wedding present or ultra noodly phase Flaming Lips. None of these tracks are going to be mistaken for Katy Perry anytime soon. Conventional these guys aint. Which is a merciful relief if you ask me. There are enough 4/4 time signature, guitar trouba-bores for hire doing the rounds at the moment. Instead these five Dubliners have joined together to create a musical collective that have sent forth their anti-pop testament into the world.

There’s a degree of invention running through this record that deserves applause. Instrumental number ‘Interlude’ plays like Sigur Ros doing a David Fincher soundtrack. ‘Come in again’ is all broody menace and sounds like OK computer filtered through a session with the Cure. Good times indeed. Opener ‘Game’ is all Jangling strings and slow percussion. A very nice track it is indeed. There’s plenty of musical invention here to snare the listener. This release showcases a talented bunch of musicians who aren’t just playing by numbers and doing what’s selling. Women’s Murder Club have given us a taster of where they’re headed. I for one was left wanting to hear more.

4 stars

pop music


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