The Cassini Projekt ::: Filler

Niall Healy | 27.08.12

The Cassini Projekt is a one-man band hailing from Dublin. The Projekt AKA Alex Mc Donnell lays down guitars, piano, keyboards, drums, bass, and vocals on this album. The scale of McDonnell’s ambitions are grand indeed with the blurb for this album proclaiming that the album is concerned with ‘world war, the psychology of imperialists, the apocalypse, alienation from the universe and political corruption’, I wasn’t exactly expecting light listening then. He’s given himself a wide base to work with incorporating styles associated with ‘doom metal, death metal and progressive rock’, Filler also draws upon rap, punk, electronica, dance rock, and grunge.

So has this wild ambition delivered or is such a mish mash of musical styles resulted in a gloopy musical stew? The truth is it’s not all bad. Mcdonnell hits the mark in several places. I’ll admit being a total stranger to metal and its many incarnations but McDonnell is more prog space opera in places than standard Sepeltura roaring. Whatever else you say about this record you certainly can’t fault McDonnell for lacking in ambition. ‘Infernalis’ channels Matt Bellamy’s noodly grandiosity and other track’s ‘The end of Everything’ sounds like a straight up Jimi Hendrix cover outfit. There’s some fantastic use of melody here in places. ‘Leviathan’ is an odd song that comes off a little Spinal Tap in places. ‘The Jackal’ sounded like straight up Metallica to me. There’s also plenty of OK Computer era Radiohead influence running through this album.

So in summary, McDonnell is an undoubtedly talented musician who has conjured up an impressively varied and diverse recording. If there’s one criticism I would level at the Projekt is that it’s pretty derivative at times, influences are meant to be just that. The mesh of styles is a little overstretched at times and doesn’t sit easy however its an interesting listening experience and one can only applaud the scale of what The Cassini Projekt has laid down here. Filler is a somewhat patchy but never dull affair.


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