ODESZA::: Summer’s Gone



ODESZA are a production duo who is made up of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches . The duo hail from Seattle and have just released their aptly titled debut ‘Summer’s  Gone’ I say aptly as l’m listening to their dreamy sound and shimmering vocals as the rain falls on a bleak September morning. It’s an album that is a perfect antidote to a crappy morning and is full of the kind of hazy soundscapes and musical creativity that can shake you out of your rain induced stupor.

The release is chock full of beats and faded vocals. The blurb describes the album as ‘experimental pop with a hip hop influence’. There’s a dreamy quality to this release that really permeates through in places and is very hard to dislike. The duo deliver on the promise of their first track, the delightfully sampled ‘How Did I Get Here‘ and deliver nine tracks of real quality. There’s several standout moments here from the woozy harmonies of ‘Rely’ to the perfect pop invention and looping goodness of ‘When we were Young’. ‘Today’ is another winning track and recalls Lemon jelly‘s brighter moments mixed in with a little Beach House in places. The style is laid back and works a charm.

All in all this record is definitely worthy of your attention. A perfectly charming album from a duo that display a real virtuosity and talent. Summer might indeed be gone but this release certainly makes its passing a little easier to bear.



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