Efterklang Interview


Majestic musical pioneers Efterklang  are making a welcome return to Irish shores for two performances as part of a special collaboration between Cork Opera House and ABSOLUT Fringe.

The band who are known for live performances that offer audiences a truly unique musical experience will be joined by the Major Lift Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Coorey, in what promises to be an unforgettable musical event. They will be performing music from their forthcoming and much anticipated album Piramida, you can catch Copenhagen’s finest in Dublin at Meeting House Square for Fringe Festival on Friday the 14th and in the Cork Opera house on Saturday the fifteenth.

Bass player Rasmus Stolberg was kind enough to have a quick word with me ahead of the Indie outfit’s Irish dates

Niallofcork: You’ve quite a long tour coming up. What can Irish fans expect this time around from the two dates ye will be playing?

Rasmus: Well these concerts will be extra special as we are playing with The Major Lift Orchestra. 

We will be performing our new album Piramida live and with us on stage we also have Peter Broderick on piano and choir, Budgie from Siouxsie and The Banshees on drums and Katinka Fogh Vindelev on vocal. She is a trained opera singer and experienced Efterklang collaborator and her singing is incredible.

Niallofcork: The new album Piramida is out at the end of the month. Congratulations. Really like what I’m hearing so far , ‘Apples’ is a great track. What kind of sound were ye trying to go for with this new release and how does it differ from ‘Magic Chairs’?

Rasmus: it differs from Magic Chairs in many ways. It is darker, it is more honest, it is more direct and the sound and songs have much more space in them. We have tried to condense and get into the core of the compositions. 

Earl Harvin from Tindersticks plays the drums on the album and Nils Frahm plays the piano. 

We have also used a ton of sounds from an audio expedition to this abandoned ghost town in the arctic called Piramida. We went there in August 2011 and collected sounds which we afterwards turned into beats, ambiences and instruments. 

Niallofcork: Lastly,  who would you describe as your influences on this album?

Rasmus: Most prominent ones must be Einstürzende Neubauten & Talk Talk. 

Bill Callahan also played a role as Casper who sings and writes the lyrics has been raving about him for a looooong time now!

Many thanks Rasmus and looking forward to catching the band’s amazing sound on the Saturday night(support from Inni-K). There’s still tickets available for this and if you want an unforgettable night out with one of the most interesting live acts around at the moment then you should definitely pick yourself up one!

Tickets are available on Fringe Festival website for Dublin gig priced €27,50 and Cork Opera House website from €15.


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