Dimitry Datus::: Sound




Niall Healy | 12.09.12

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The Cork music scene is in good health at the moment. There’s a lot of showcase gigs coming up and there’s a lot of local talent that is making some seriously good records. Latest to add to that list are leeside’s finest Dimitry Datus who are releasing their debut EP this month. They describe their sound as a blend of rock, ska , punk and blues with a touch of folk thrown in.


The bands influences include the Pixies and the Lemonheads amongst others and there’s a strong undertone of the Frank & Walters in here for good measure. Opening track ‘Run’ thankfully bears no relation to the Snow patrol dirge and is instead a jaunty pop-punk number reminiscent of Billie Joe Armstrong’s efforts. ‘Grand Parade’ is another highlight, it’s a well-known thoroughfare in Cork and as well as being the focal point for the city it’s also the strongest track on this EP. It is a nicely rounded number that flows along easily. ‘The Brave’ has a catchy riff that brings to mind to Radiohead’s ‘I might be wrong’, it’s a solid track. The fantastically titled ‘Nervous Badger’ is the second to last number and is slightly more downbeat but pleasant nonetheless. Before you know it ‘Wide awake’ closes proceedings in a jaunty ska fashion.


Lead singer Aidan has a distinctive vocal that is unmistakably Cork, in the tradition of the Sultans and the Franks. This release however has more than regional appeal and Dimitry Datushave released an EP of promise and maturity that shows a band with a good grasp of what ties together a good song.



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