Frightened Rabbit ::: State Hospital EP


Frightened Rabbit return this month with a new EP . It’s the band’s first release proper since their last album The Winter Of Mixed Drinks and the first collection of new songs they’ve brought out since signing to Atlantic records.

 Titular track ‘State Hospital’ is an ever so slightly anthemic affair that stays on the right side of intimate to charm your ears. It’s a song that tells you all you needs to know about the music of the Selkirk quintet. It’s special and then some. (It’s also the only song that’s going to feature on their next album).

 Highlight of the record for me is ‘Boxing night’ a song that’s been a long time gestating. Its current form has been seven years in the making apparently and it’s been a long time finding a chorus to match its verse. It was worth the wait, it careers and swerves and is quite a stunningly lovely track. Scott Hutchison’s vocal is full of earnest longing and winds its way through the song perfectly. Aidan Moffat delivers a spoken word cameo on the unsettlingly off kilter ‘Wedding gloves’ it’s an interesting track that’s somewhat ambiguous in its meaning. The record completes it running order with ‘Home from war’ a riff on fractured relationships &‘Off’ a song about the effects of technology.

Overall State Hospital is a record to savour. The sound of a band in control of their musical direction, who are delivering a clear, concise and never misplaced message. Their sound certainly hasn’t been diluted by signing to a major label and they’ve given us an EP that bodes well for the Scottish acts next long player.



Frightened Rabbit play Cyprus Avenue tonight, tickets are 15 euros from the Old Oak or on the door.

Their EP is due out the 24th of september


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