Efterklang ::: Cork Opera House 15/9/12.

What a night. What a band. You knew as soon as the Orchestra took to the stage that you were in for a special night. Copenhagen’s finest exports were in town and they gave a performance to remember. From the opening strains of Hollow Mountain they gave a thrilling show that not once left the audience in anything other than a state of delight.

Kildare’s Inni-K gave fine support on the night and delivered her set with aplomb. Then around 9 bells the main event took to the stage. Never ones to shy away from innovation Efterklang were performing their new album with a 24 piece orchestra onstage. They delivered Piramida in its entirety and displayed a modesty and graciousness that instantly endeared them to their audience. The swirling of the strings and the brass allied to Casper Clausen’s vocals was all backed up with subtle bits of electronic aspects that worked in perfect harmony to deliver as striking and yet charming a performance as you’re likely to see.

From bass player Rasmus belatedly giving the album cover a quick flash to the audience to Caspers half joking reluctance to (briefly) go into the albums recording there was as a real sense that here were an act that were enjoying themselves. Backed up by an incredible orchestra and with a frontman who seemed almost humbled by the crowd’s appreciation they stormed through their set and departed the stage to rapturous applause. They came back on and played ‘Monopolist’ from their album Tripper and ‘Modern Drift’ from Magic Chairs, they left with a more than well-deserved standing ovation but the applause and cheering continued so an unscheduled second airing of ‘Ghosts’ had to be delivered. Nobody seemed to mind too much. In short this was a fantastic night’s entertainment from an act at the height of their creative powers.


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