The Declined :::


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The Declined are a distinctly rock flavoured outfit from Philadelphia, PA. Together since 2003, the trio consists of Matt Ocharski, Avo Trigo & Jimmy Ayrer . The blurb says that they don’t readily fit into any musical genre and scene and are more interested in connecting fans with local music and musicians. Lofty and admirable ambitions indeed.


Style wise The Declined take their cues from mid-nineties grunge outfits like Soundgarden and Jane’s Addiction. There’s no denying the band owe a considerable debt to mister Vedder and co, with tracks like ‘Believe’ straight out of the Pearl Jam playbook. Other songs like ‘Hollow’ are straight up rockers. Guitar heavy and full of solos, it’s a throwback to an earlier sound.


I’ll have to admit this sort of music isn’t really my thing but personal preferences aside there’s plenty to like here for fans of all things rock, ‘Decomposer’ is a straight up balls to the wall rocker that hurtles along nicely. The band sound more comfortable on the ballad shaped number ‘Come home’. It’s a softer side to the otherwise rough edged guitar sound on show.


Overall this is a band who sounds distinctly raw, a work in progress if you like. If you’re a fan of the Seattle grunge sound then there’s definitely something here for you. They’re a band that do their own thing and that’s to be admired.


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