Galaxie Quest::: An interview with Le Galaxie

Purveyors of synth based good times Le Galaxie are coming to town.  Over the past 12 odd months, they have had an amazing run of form that’s seen them develop themselves as a formidable live act who have rocked the bejaysis out of the festival circuit whilst releasing quality tunes to boot. I had a few words with them ahead of their gig in The Pav.

It’s been a pretty hectic year for Le Galaxie? What would you say the highlight has been so far?

The festival shows, probably. They’ve always been pretty special to us but this years lot (Forbidden Fruit, Vantastival, Indiependance, Castlepalooza and Electric Picnic) were off-the-scale bananas. Releasing ‘Fade 2 Forever’ was special too. 

How would you describe the band’s sound to the uninitiated?

Dancefloor tearjerkers. You’ll dance, you’ll have emotions, you might just text your childhood sweetheart and tell her she’s a bitch.

 Congrats on the fade to forever EP, really enjoying it. How was the recording process?

Quicker than our album! Things were a lot easier this time around. The songs were written so it was just a case of finding a nice space for the drums to be recorded and a nice space for everything else to fit in. But it was Laura and Elaine that completely defined were we were headed, production wise. They brought an A-Game to our usual C-Game. So that averaged us out at a B. B is good!

 The band are quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best live act’s around. What can the Cork crowd expect from ye this time out?

We’re breaking out the second drumkit for the Cork show. Usually we reserve that for festival shows but the Pavilion is an awesome little venue and I think she can handle it. Also, we bring an hours worth of tunes. 

 What have ye been listening to lately?

Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs, Grimes, Hot Toddy, Fred Falke, m83 (always), College, The Presets, Giorgio Morodor, Fletch OST, Zombi. 

 Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, lastly what else in store for 2012?

After Hard Working Class Heroes we’ll be away writing our 2nd album, then it’s two sold-out shows in Dublin’s Workman’s Club for xmas and the Roisin Dubh for New Year’s Eve! Then we’re splitting up…

Deadly serious as always the Le Galaxie lads bring their unique brand of uptempo electro fused pop to The Pavillion tonight. It’s free in and support comes from Bantum. They play Hard Working Class Heroes in Dublin on October 5 at 11.30pm in the Meeting House Square. ‘Fade 2 Forever’ is out now on the Delphi Label and available to stream and buy at


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