Near Records::: Near Musical Express

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Dublin Radio station Near FM is now in the record business. They have released ‘Near Music Express’ as a kind of musical selection box. It’s a grab bag of efforts from artists signed to the label and highlights the talent on board. There’s ten tracks in total from five different acts and it shows a real divergent mix of styles and genres. First up are the The Rattling Kind they are an emerging band from the Northside of Dublin, who put a modern indie rock spin on folk and traditional music. Their two tracks ‘Leave Your Problems At The Door’ and ‘Friend I Call Mine’ are reminiscent of Damien Dempsey and open the album up nicely.


Next up are Johnny and The Beep Beeps, the four piece rattle through the energetic and up tempo ‘Hoosh’ and bring an infectious enthusiasm and swirling guitar drive to ‘Heels Clicking’. They’ve a crisp and raw sound. Band66 are the third act of offer and of their two tracks ‘Call my name’ is the standout, it’s a well-paced and catchy indie pop number from the newcomers.


Axial Symmetry presents a heavier sound on their offering, it’s not really my kind of thing but there’s a tightness to their sound and they clearly work well together as a group. Closing out the album are The Statics, their two songs are a fitting end to the album and they show off their sixties tinged pop melodies. ‘Come round’ is a really top notch number that was my standout number from the album. It highlights the band’s strengths and displays a really strong grasp of melody.


All in all the album is a good indicator of emerging talent in the Irish music scene and is well worth a listen to.



Drop down on the 12th October at the Grand Social for the launch of Near Musical Express! All five bands featured on CD playing live on the night!

Flying Buttresses::: God Knows

Flying Buttresses release their Orson Welles EP on Wingnut Records next week. Have a listen to the first track, God Laws.


The EP gets an official launch on Saturday 13th October in the Bierhaus in Galway