The Frank and Walters:::Trains, Boats & Planes: 20th Anniversary

Trains, Boats & Planes: 20th Anniversary Shows

Twenty years after the release of their classic debut album “Trains, Boats And Planes” the Frank and Walters have announced a series of special shows .

The first show will take place a stones throw from the site of the shop on Princes Street ,Cork which gave the album its title and the second will be a much bigger affair .

The first show will take place at Fred Zeppelins on Friday 16th November on Parliament St and will be one of a number of shows to mark the 15th Birthday celebrations of the Pub and Venue.

The Franks will play their now traditional Christmas Cork show be at the newly renovated Savoy Theatre on Saturday 29th of December with several guests and surprise acts joining the Franks as they play the album in it’s entirety to mark the 20th anniversary of it’s release. The band will also include selected highlights from their illustrious 23 year career.They wil also be in Dublin just before Christmas to play Whelans on Saturday 22nd December 2012.


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