Dream Guitar Pop::: An interview with Echo Lake

Dreamy pop merchants Echolake have been charming the bejaysis out of fans and critics alike. Their debut long player Wild Peace has been garnering rave reviews across the board.The band are on the cusp of a wave and seem destined for big things. The five piece are on the road at the moment, I caught up with guitarist/songwriter  Thom Hill for a few quick words between gigs.

Hi Thom, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.
So for those that still havn’t heard of Echolake how would you describe your sound?
Dreamy, textured, noisy guitar pop? It’s hard to describe because we want it to be so many things but I think that pretty much sums us up. 

 The story of how you got signed is quite amazing( the band were contacted an hour after they’d first uploaded material on myspace). Was it a shock to the system to find yourself in a signed outfit so quickly?
It was great to be offered the chance to release material so quickly and yes it was a bit of a shock because it happened so fast. But I think we’ve done it the right way by taking our time and working closely with 2 great indie labels, no pain in pop and slumberland. For a record with such a small team of people working on it I think it couldn’t have gone better. 

Congratulations on the new Album, its a peach of a record.How was the recording process?
Thank you. It was long but that was because we went at our own pace until the songs were fully formed enough. The recording process was great because thats when your experimenting and having the most fun with the songs. The toughest part was the mixing stages. I’ll be aiming to take a different approach on the next record, it worked well this time but it was pretty stressful. 

What can your fans expect from the Echolake live experience?
It’s quite different to the record. Obviously it’s slightly more stripped down but we play the songs heavier and faster live. There’s a lot of energy, hopefully they’ll love it and appreciate the difference of the live sound and the record. 

  Who would you describe as your musical influences?
Personally the Beach Boys, that whole Phil Spector sound, Radiohead, The Smiths. I grew up on a lot of guitar bands like Sonic Youth and The Pixies. I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but to be honest there’s so many to pin down at different times so I just round it up to those lot. 

  Lastly what else in store for 2012?
Finish this tour and start planning for next year. I’m working on the next record at the moment so when I’m home I’ll be aiming to finish that as soon as possible. 
Many thanks to Thom for taking time on the road to have a quick word.
Echo Lake play The workman’s club, Dublin on Wednesday, 10th October
Wild Peace is available from all good record stores

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