Windings ::: I Am Not The Crow

Windings have had a long and meandering road from inception to their current guise.  Steve Ryan has taken the rough and readiness of what was originally a solo project and now three albums in they have become something decidedly special, Windings are now a well-oiled musical machine. From a solo show to five men outing they’re back with one of the most eagerly anticipated Irish releases of the year

I am not the Crow is a peach of an album. From the frenetic pop sensibilities on show on opening track  ‘sun in my Bones’ to the  triumphant percussion power of  ‘Alkaterian Are Alright’. This is a record from an act that is confident of their sound and more than proficient at their craft.  Single ‘This Is a Conversation’ is a cracking track; it’s all chiming, jangling guitars that grip the listener in a sonic death grip. Catchy guitar pop doesn’t come much more polished than this. Other highlights include penultimate number ‘In need of some repair’ a brief but charming instrumental number that opens up into the album closer the perfectly melancholic ‘Local Broken Man’. It’s a near seven minutes of slowly dripping melody that perfectly closes off the album.

The album was recorded in Montreal & Donegal and its disparate nature reflects this. There is an eclectic musical nature on show that never ventures into the realm of the predictable. For me, it’s an extremely assured release from an act that hit all the right notes.

Windings ::: I Am Not The Crow (Out on a Limb Records) is now available.

The Secret Life of Roisin O::: Interview

Roisin O has had a hectic time of it, between releasing her debut album, The secret Life of Blue earlier this month and spending the summer playing the  festival circuit , the 23 year old has been hitting the ground running. Roisin took some time out to have a word about recording the album, her musical makeup and what she’s been doing with herself…
Hi Roisin , thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Firstly congratulations on the album, it sounds great. How was the recording process?
It was great! We recorded over in studio black box in France with our great producer David Odlum. The place is really beautiful, middle of no where in the French countryside. We had just over two weeks to get everything done so we worked quite long days but the creative process was helped along by the amazing food and the amazingly cheap red wine and the beautiful surroundings. It was a very laid back feel, Dave really put us all at ease and it was great staying next door to the studio, your mindset is much more focused on creating that way I feel. It was an amazing experience. I’d love to get back there again.
 Given your background music is obviously very much part of your life, is making music something that you’ve always wanted to do?
I’ve always loved singing. My godmother told me the other day that when I was a toddler instead of her reading books to me I’d look at the pictures and sing the storyline to her! Music has always been part of my life. There was never a point when I decided I would be a musician, I think for me it was the obvious thing to be doing, I love music so I’m gonna try make a career out of it. There was never really a time when I thought about doing anything else. You have  a number of shows coming up.  What can the uninitiated expect from a Roisin O gig?

Harmonies! We love harmonies. Fun upbeat tunes and maybe a tearjerker or two. Climatic builders with string tracks and one or two hypnotic drum loops. We also like to throw in a cover for good measure, either fleet wood mac or Florence and the machine.

Who would you describe as your musical influences?

Joni Mitchell is a big one for me, her album Blue influenced me hugely growing up, her songwriting is stunning and she’s an unbelievably talented singer and musician. Wallis bird, the Beatles.. One that we tend to agree on as a band is Fleetwood Mac, especially the album rumours, the harmonies and unreal.
 Thanks again Roisin, Lastly what else have you in store for 2012?
Thank you. We’re playing headline shows in Cork, Limerick, Mullingar & Galway plus we’re delighted to be supporting the Coronas on their gig in the O2 on dec 14th! Hugely exciting for us. 
Many Thanks to Roisin, for more info you can check out her website @
Friday, October 19th – Cyprus Avenue, Cork

Sunday, October 21st – Dolan’s, Limerick
Thursday, October 25th – John Daly’s, Mullingar 
Saturday, November 3rd – Monroe’s, Galway

Sufjan Stevens:::Silver & Gold

It’s a bit early to be getting all festive but on November 13th, Asthmatic Kitty Records will release the second Christmas-themed box set from Sufjan Stevens. Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10 compiles five EPs recorded between 2006 and 2010.

Now on this dreary October morning, you can grab yourself some yuletide spirit  in “Ding-a-ling-a-ring-a-ling”

The Album contains a whopping 58 new Christmas tunes, concluding with the epic, 12 minute “Christmas Unicorn”, which you can listen to here and now.

You can pre-order Silver & Gold on Sufjan’s bandcamp,  hark the herald, Sufjan sings.