Windings ::: I Am Not The Crow

Windings have had a long and meandering road from inception to their current guise.  Steve Ryan has taken the rough and readiness of what was originally a solo project and now three albums in they have become something decidedly special, Windings are now a well-oiled musical machine. From a solo show to five men outing they’re back with one of the most eagerly anticipated Irish releases of the year

I am not the Crow is a peach of an album. From the frenetic pop sensibilities on show on opening track  ‘sun in my Bones’ to the  triumphant percussion power of  ‘Alkaterian Are Alright’. This is a record from an act that is confident of their sound and more than proficient at their craft.  Single ‘This Is a Conversation’ is a cracking track; it’s all chiming, jangling guitars that grip the listener in a sonic death grip. Catchy guitar pop doesn’t come much more polished than this. Other highlights include penultimate number ‘In need of some repair’ a brief but charming instrumental number that opens up into the album closer the perfectly melancholic ‘Local Broken Man’. It’s a near seven minutes of slowly dripping melody that perfectly closes off the album.

The album was recorded in Montreal & Donegal and its disparate nature reflects this. There is an eclectic musical nature on show that never ventures into the realm of the predictable. For me, it’s an extremely assured release from an act that hit all the right notes.

Windings ::: I Am Not The Crow (Out on a Limb Records) is now available.

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