From Montreal to Donegal::: Windings Interview

  • Describing themselves as a well oiled 5 man music machine Winding’s are quickly garnering rave reviews aplenty for their live performances. Hot on the heels of the release of their new long player I caught up with Steve Ryan for a few words about the new album and what the boys have been upto..
    How was the recording of the new album?
    The recording itself took only 4 days. We spent two days in Hotel2Tango in Montreal, and we spent 2 days in Attica Audio in Donegal. Essentially, the album is split into Side A – Montreal, Side B – Donegal. We rehearsed the arses off every single song before we went into each studio, so when we set up, it was just a case of playing each song a bunch of times until we got the take we were happiest with.We had never recorded this way before, and we weren’t too sure how it would pan out, but we’re dead happy with the resulting album.
    Where did the title ‘I am not the crow’ come from?
     Personally, i’m pretty bad at naming albums and songs, always have been. “I Am Not The Crow” is an off the cuff phrase that was used during the recording in Montreal, and we all found it stuck in our heads for days afterwards. It’s a phrase that carries no weight, no deeper meaning, it is what it is. We like that. Plus,it reminds us of our time spent recording in Montreal.
    For those that havn’t experienced it before, how would you describe the Windings Live experience?
    The windings live experience is 5 guys playing the shit out of their songs onstage, knowing exactly what each other is doing, and finding new life and ways in each and every performance, each and everytime. Yup.
    What were your influences on the new record?
    I had djed a couple of nights with my good friend Tim V. Smyth from Hidden Highways. We djed vinyl only, and put a date restriction on ourselves, so that we couldn’t play anything that was made later than the 80s. This experience got me back listening to a bunch of stuff I hadn’t listened to in a while, like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Wings, The Cure, Husker Dü, and made me notice the attention that was afforded to the structure of these albums. They’re albums, not collections of singles, but albums in the classic sense. That influenced us when it came to the recording and mixing of our album. I personally haven’t been listening to much new music, and if I have, it’s always some modern bands skewed take on a classic rock sound, like Ariel Pink or Kurt Vile. I’ve actually been listening to a pile of Irish music this year, the quality is fuckin astounding!
    Whats in store for the rest of 2012?
     The rest of this year will see us touring Ireland, and playing our songs all around this fair isle. Then we’ll see what 2013 brings…
    ‘I am not the crow’ is out now on out on a limb records

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