Heyward Howkins::: The Hale & Hearty


Heyward Howkins debut long player is a mellow, pop and folk affair thats heavily stacked with lyrical nuance and melody. The Philadelphia native has delivered a record that flows through its running time with an easy grace. Its all very pleasant stuff.

Playing with a variety of acts since the early noughties Heyward delivers his solo offering with some style and its an easy album to like. Bringing to mind acts like Nick Drake , Howkins gives a vocal performance that hits all the right notes. Opener ‘Thundering Stop’ sets the scene. It’s a gentle and intimate number that draws you into the album. Other highlights include the catchy and tuneful titular track ‘Hale & Hearty’ and the soaring and ever so slight funk tinged arrangement of ‘Flash Mob’.

In short Howkins has delivered a very accomplished record that highlights an artist with a distinctive sound and a keen ear for penning a catchy melody.

The Hale & The Hearty is out now


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