Toy Soldier::: Interview

Cork based electro rock outfit Toy Soldier are purveyors of punchy dance-floor grooves mixed up with hard rocking riffs. The trio have been causing a buzz with quality live performances and have released their debut long player ‘Calling up the Dusk’ on i-tunes . I caught up with songwriter and guitarist Cian Walsh for a few words about the band….

Your music is described as ‘ElectroRock’. Who are your influences?

We have a wide range of influences in our sound. Everything from Depeche Mode to Nine Inch Nails to Blondie. We combine melody with dancefloor groove and rocky aggression.

How has 2012 been for Toy Soldier what would you consider the highlight?

2012 has been a very important year for the band. We feel this year has put us on the map so to speak. It’s hard to pin point one particular highlight as it has been such a great journey so far. We have been consistently gigging both in Ireland and in the UK whilst also recording our debut album ‘Calling Up The Dusk’. I guess releasing our album in September is of special significance as it is such a pivotal step for any band.

The Cork music scene seems to be thriving at the moment, is it encouraging to be part of such a vibrant music environment?

It certainly is encouraging. I think when the standard of music is in such a good place it’s healthy for all the bands who are a part of it. There is such a great hard working vibe with so many bands that we know in Cork. Bands like Time Is A Thief, Versives, Waking Up Sunday and The Empire Lights are all great friends of ours who have massive potential.

What have been the best and worst gigs youve played this year?

Well it’s kind of hard to answer that question because we look at all of our gigs as positive experiences. We were blown away with the crowd at our album launch in Cyprus Avenue, that was a real celebration. Our last show in Dublin Castle in Camden Town was also a cracker!

Do you have a specific pre-gig ritual?

We like to chill out together before our show. We do some acapella warm ups which always gets us in the mood. Our show starts with a pretty euphoric intro while we’re backstage. Once we hear that through the front of house system the adrenaline starts flowing!

Lastly Cian, Whats in store for Toy Soldier for the next few months?

Things are moving fast for us right now. National radio has just picked up on our new single ‘Natural Disaster’ so we follow that up in the new year with a second single from the album. We launch the physical version of our album in January with our first headline show in Whelan’s which we are very excited about. In February we hit the UK again for a mini tour and then it’s back to Ireland to run for government and sort ourselves a decent pension!!!

‘Calling up the Dusk’ is out now 

Clock Opera::: Irish Dates

Tonight sees London Indie outfit Clock Opera arrive in town to play a gig in Cyprus Avenue. Clock Opera have been the musical guise of  multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer Guy Connelly since 2009.

For fans of crooning pop and avant garde electronica , Guy has been described as ‘sounding like Morrissey’s younger brother backed by Moby’ Clock Opera has become a full band over the last three years which gives Guy’s songs the full spectrum they’re craving. Island records are releasing the much anticipated debut album Ways To Forget this year. Theyre playing a series of Irish dates on their European tour.