Autumn Owls ::: Q & A

Dublin’s finest ‘Experimental, post punk, electronic sad bastard Rock’ act are just back from a triumphant showing at New York’s CMJ festival. I caught up with Gar to see whats been happening with them.

So for the uninitiated, how would you describe Autumn Owls sound? 

  Well im not so great at answering this question to be honest.  I thought we were just a alt rock band (whatever that means ) but recent reviews for  the album tell us we are

Experimental, post punk, electronic sad bastard Rock.   A sound that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate, so Im told.

Congrats on the new album, ’Between buildings, Toward the sea’, really enjoying it. How was the recording process? 

Thanks.  We spent about a year and a half working on demos at home in our converted recording space. We worked on 16 songs and then when we decided on 12 we liked we focused on honing those songs to a fine detail.  After we were sure we had an album on our hands we went to Chicago in April  to record with Brian Deck. He had produced some albums we really loved such as The Moon and the Antarctica by Modest Mouse and Roots and Crowns by Califone.  We spent a few weeks recording in Soma Studios and then returned to the fair city to mix with the almighty Ciaran Bradshaw, who did a stellar job at bringing it all together.

You’re just back from a successful stint in the States at the CMJ Music marathon. Its the latest in a long line of gigs ye have played Stateside  Do ye find playing America a very different experience to european dates? 

I do find American audiences quite enthusiastic and definitely very keen to hear new music.   But I wouldn’t necessarily say that they are all that  different from European crowds.   Its hard not to be taken aback though by the sheer scale of any city we play.  There could be a hundred really cool venues in one end of town with great shows all on the same night.  It can be intimidating!

 What’s been the highlight of 2012 so far? 

Finishing our debut album and then listening back to it for the first time.

Playing forbidden fruit was great too.

What have you been listening to lately? 

We are just a back from New York where we played a show with the excellent Dublin band Bouts.  One of the lads kindly gave me a CD after the show and I have been enjoying that for the last few days. Also been listening to the new one by Bat for Lashes.  Im a big fan of hers and have been looking forward to it for a while.  Today I have spent the day listening exclusively to Laurie Spiegel’s album The Expanding Universe.

 Do you think your sound has changed much since when ye first started out in 2007? 

I do think the sound has morphed into something quite different to what we started with.  I suppose that’s no different to most bands.   I think we have learned more about using space when arranging and are more fearless in deconstructing the bones of a song into something that feels new to us.  I expect our sound to continue to change as long as we carry on making music.

Lastly, whats in store for Autumn Owls for the rest of the year? 

We play lots shows around the country until the end of the year.  Hopefully find some time to work on new stuff and then in the New Year play some overseas shows.


Between Buildings, Toward The Sea is out now on Epitonic


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