Bat For Lashes ::: The Haunted Man

Natasha Khan’sthird album is out. Despite a string of cancelled Irish festival appearances I’ve decided to forgive her and have a listen off her new log player. Its not half bad. The cover shows  a nekkid Khan holding an equally nekkid fella, in a firewoman’s lift.

Its a stylistic departure from breakthrough Two Suns‘  sound. The first sing “All your Gold” is more immediately poopy and sets the tone for the record.”Laura” is the other standout track here, its co-written with Lana Del Rey collaborator Justin Parker and it’s an overtly pop sounding track.

Other notable tracks are “Oh Yeah” and the Beck-featuring “Marilyn”, which blend pop, electronica and an almost Kate Bush esq-ness to great effect . Theres enough here to ensure that Khan won’t be disappearing into obscurity anytime soon. Its one of the best records released in the last few months and bares upto repeat listening. Well worth a sconce.