Catching Flies:::The Stars EP

The Stars EP cover art

This dropped in my mailbox this morning from 21 year London based producer Catching Flies and its a pleasure. It’s chockful of languid bass lines and dreamy synths. The titular track is all shimmering soundscapes and has the feel of something that dropped off ‘Moon Safari’, its a lovely track and makes good use of a Coldplay sample. 

The second track ‘Let your hair down’ is a real delight, it’s all dreamy beats laid over a simple piece of piano and it’s as laid back and trippy as it comes. ‘Mt. Wolf – Life Size Ghosts’ (Catching Flies Remix) is all ambient electronica and well used strings. It’s an extremely accomplished track. There’s only four tracks on this EP and opener ‘Sunrays’ is as you might expect an extremely laid back number that would I happily use to provide the perfect backdrop for a hazy sunday afternoon chilling out. 

All in all this is a serious grower of an EP that needs to be heard, listen up fast before the hipster brigade jump aboard. Catching flies has made a statement of intent with this record that is as good as anything I’ve heard in the last few months.

This is a ridiculously good piece of music and whats more its your for free on Bandcamp.




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