John Blek O’Connor & Seamus Fogarty::: Plugd Records 8/2/13


The Vinyl and the Record shelves were cleared off the floor on a Friday night in Plugd for a lovely little gig that was put together by the ever knowledgeable G-Man.  Serious credit to the G-Man for putting together a proper little treat for leeside music aficionados. There was a real camped in someone’s living room feel to proceedings and the crowd present were given a real treat from start to finish.


John Blek O’Connor of John Blek and the rats kicked things off and his one man and a guitar set dealt with loss and addiction in equal measure. People were entranced by his relaxed and engaging stage manner and his all too brief set list passed along at a decidedly pleasant pace.  Then came halftime and instead of oranges this reviewer continued with the lovely Czech lager on offer downstairs. The strength and quality of what was on offer led to much banter. This culminated with the mother of all mix-ups when a bathroom based Hansard bashing session ended up with John thinking we were slagging him off. Thankfully confusion didn’t reign and we were able to chuckle about the real enemy of music, namely Glen Hansard. But anyways, I digress.


Seamus Fogarty took to the stage for the second half of the show and he quickly dispensed with the PA and sat himself amongst the crowd and delivered a shortish set that was low on bombast but high on charm and intimacy. There was chatting aplenty between numbers and Seamus really endeared himself to his audience. Toe tapping and clapping was evident in abundance throughout his show and things drew to a close all too quickly. All in all a delightful evening that showcased two differing but equally engaging talents. Those present on the night got to enjoy a gig that really was a little bit special.  



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