Porn for the Blind::: The Pav 08.03.13


This blogger was half shteamed on czech beer at the time but it didnt take away from the enjoyment of the really rather excellent Porn For The Blind who delivered a raucous set to the assembled masses in the Pav.

The five piece are an eclectic rock band who hail from Cork city, Ireland.Their Influences include Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and Sparklehorse. The group formed in late summer of 2012 when Arthur Pawsey and Michael Prendiville began writing a song for an excuse to shelter themselves from the summertime heat. They put on a show for the crowd that really got people boogying.

Its unusual for an act who are together for such a relatively short time to deliver such a well rounded and tight setlist but these boys (and girl) have clearly done their homework. You can catch their stuff on the soundcloud and Im reliably informed that an EP release is imminent. Lovely hurling.