Beth Orton::: Preview 24/3/13


Beth Orton brings her show to Cork tonight for the first of two sold out shows in the Triskel. Her new album ‘Sugaring Season’ is garnering rave reviews and this reviewer is looking forward to what promises to be a very special night indeed….




Gavin James::: Cyprus Avenue 23/3/13

Ed Shearan, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, you boys have taken one hell of a beating…at least ye should have. Add to this ignomious roster the questionable ‘talents’ of one mr Gavin James.

I’m loathe to write bad reviews as I don’t like slating struggling artists but this was simply dreadful. The earnest finger plucking, the banter free ‘banter’ , the eyes closed emoting. This type of dirgeful crooning needs to be put in a burlap sack and thrown in a river.

It’s simply not for me and at 21 James is sure to improve but on the evidence of last night he needs to go back to the songwriting handbook before being let on the road again.