The Hard Ground::: Preview

That place in between a well-worn bar stool, your damaged relationship that is teetering on the brink of final extinction, the narcissistic contemplation of better times and things that could have been, it is called The Hard Ground. This Cork-based quartet will be performing at Half Moon Theatre, Cork onFriday 12th April as part of their Irish and UK album release.


Formed from the core of the duo known as Berries Blue, the band came together when Marine Enright and Pat Carey decided they wanted their music to have a richer and more layered sound. Joined by David Duffy and Dave Ryan, they soon got to work on a feast of songs, weaving together ambient arrangements and beautiful orchestration.


Newly signed to FIFA Records, The Hard Ground are purveyors of sumptuous songs full of beautiful orchestration and brooding sentiment, perfectly illuminated by the twin vocal dynamic of Marlene Enright and Pat Carey. Their new single ‘Bad Faith’ captures the essence of the band’s debut albumBroken Conversations. The record is comprised of dialogues – some are lamenting, others love.  ‘Bad Faith’ tells the story of a relationship that is rapidly going south due to the lack of trust and the unfaithfulness.


The band bring this tale to life with a ballad that oozes sensuality and charm, while asking the question that we hope we are never asked “will you be a better you?” Broken conversations received their Irish and UK release in March, with the band set to tour the record both at home in Cork and abroad. This is a band who sound far beyond their young years and a band you need to listen to now.


“A polished and compelling album” – The Irish Examiner


“A sound that sits somewhere between Tom Waits and Lisa Hannigan. There’s even a touch of sinister songstress Anna Calvi about debut single ‘Pawn’, a song that equal parts sweet and sour”

– Hot Press.


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