AC Berkheimer /// Equation of State


“Session 24: Developing a Success Personality”, is the ominous sample that started the 2006 self-titled demo-EP of AC Berkheimer. Since then the Rotterdam newgaze quartet released two acclaimed albums –In a Series of Long Days (2008) and We Tell Them Tonight (2010)-, played shows in squats, clubs and on a few festivals, were re-released in Japan, got airplay on BBC6 Radio and were podcasted by KEXP Seattle.

In recent years two of its members joined other bands (Space Siren, S as in Assassins), with which they toured intensively. Last year the first signs of resurrection were palpable, when the band played a couple of gigs, showcasing new songs and their new drummer.
After more than seven years of developing their distinctive sound, identity and success personalities, AC Berkheimer is back in September 2013.

Stream ‘My love, it’s not the same’ on Soundcloud:

Equation of State is released on CD on September 14 through Subroutine Records [SR052] / Clear Spot / State51.

1  My love, it’s not the same
2  Beyond the equation of state
3  Do you
4  Kissing the surface
5  Cat
6  Half ten
7  Platform
8  Backwards

14 september – Roodkapje (Rotterdam / release party with Herrek and surprise act)
21 september – STUDIO (Tilburg / Rundfunk at Incubate Festival)
27 september – Lepel Concerts (Groningen / with Mercy Giants)


AC Berkheimer


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