Cormac O Caoimhe::: The Moon Loses Its Memory

Cormac OCaoimh   The Moon Loses Its Memory | Review cover 200x200

Has the singer-songwriter market reached saturation point? Can you longer stomach David Gray or Damian Rice warbling about lost love and regret. If you’re feeling this jaundiced then you could do an awful lot worse than check out the new LP from Cormac O Caoimhe.

It’s a wonderfully lush album that in no way strays toward the more tired aspects of the genre. O’Caoimhe is a classically trained guitarist from Cork who showcases here on his third solo album a wonderful ear for melody and a lovely turn of phrase.

You can hear hints of Steve Wall sneaking in on tracks like ‘Solid’ whilst opener ‘Maze of your Heart’ brings to mind some of the finer moments of the 4 of us. Make no mistake though, whilst other artists influence may be there O’Caoimhe is his own beast. The pacing of the album is for my money, perfect.  It zips along with a verve and confidence without overstaying its welcome. The wonderfully jaunty  ‘Similes and metaphors’ brings the 14 tracks to a close.

Its a immensly likable and pleasant album from an artist hitting his creative stride and one of the finest I’ve heard this year.

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