Duke Special ::: Coughlans



This intrepid reviewer had never had the pleasure  of seeing the duke live before.

He delivered a rousing set full of incident and fancy. The night began rather inauspiciously in Coughlans. I found myself in the unenviable position of having two tickets and no means of offloading them. Thankfully the lovely Gillian and co. were obliging enough to take them off my hands. The lovely people at Coughlans were then kind enough to allow me to interview and watch the gig gratis ( Thanks Edel).


A brief interview followed where I learnt that Peter ( Duke Special) discovered his love of music by howling along to his granny’s version of Danny Boy. Thankfully he has come a long way since then and his one man show zipped along all too fast. There was an incident of a lost umbrella and a borrowed hat but we shant dwell on the detail.


Duke Special remains one of Ireland’s foremost virtuosos and his talent is allowed to shine in a venue as intimate as Coughlans. I was mightily impressed and I certainly will be catching him the next time he comes to town. If you have or have not I recommend you do the same.





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