Silence::: Jack O’Rourke

Hard to believe now that the momentous referendum in April was ever in doubt. But in doubt it was and thanks to wonderful musicians like Jack O’Rourke getting behind the Yes camapaign that a defining blow was struck for Irelands civil rights, for all.

Its oft easy to dismiss a song that chides along with a chorus of a cause but thats very much NOT the case here. In a heated referendum that was very close to middle Irelands values O’Rourke has crafted a thoughtful and affecting tune that (Robbie Fowler namedrop aside :))  that epitomises a talent that many would acknowledge as a serious contender for Cork’s hardest working musician. Musicans work? I know perish the thought.

It evokes early Peter Gabriel, minus the ridiculous haircuts and takes a smidgin of Louden Wainwright with the linger of Cohen lurking in the background.

if you havnt caught Silence yet, then do so at once. Just as a pre Church Hozier was waiting to be ordained by the masses, this fella is threatening to explode.


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