Marlene Enright::: When the water is hot

Irrepressible  indie-pop singer-songwriter Marlene Enright has unveiled her debut solo track “When the Water is hot”. A member of alt pop-rock outfit, The Hard Ground,  the five piece responsible for delivering the multi-layered, dream pop Pucker and Deep in Green, Enright recently announced that she would be working on a solo project throughout 2016 and plans to release a collection of songs later in the year.

The Cork based singer’s unique cracked crystal mezzo-soprano is used to beautiful effect on her debut single. Imagine a ménage à trois of Karen O’s steel vulnerability, Joanna Newsom’s eccentric fairytale, world-weary wisdom and Gillian Welch’s rootsy realism – the little girl sensibility to her vocal tone, singing about dark subject matters, is an irresistible combination.

“I’ll lead you on to drop in the pot like a lobster when the water is hot”, the song’s closing line, is eerie and threatening yet enticing – conjuring up the best of Americana’s dark siren queens – Bobbie Gentry, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris.  The sound is Appalachian yet edgy and contemporary, like a hillbilly Bjork; a beautiful and thought provoking debut from the Irish singer-songwriter.

Marlene Enright will support Jack O’Rourke in Whelans on Friday the 19th of February. Tickets €12 available now.


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