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Efterklang::: Piramida

Copenhagen’s finest are back with their fourth album and it’s a hell of a showing. Quirky as always they were never going to bash out a Coldplay flavoured record by numbers and instead the trio headed north to a remote abandoned Russian mining town to seek inspiration for ‘Piramida’. Sleeping in a shipping container and worrying about the prospect of polar bear attacks has clearly proven inspirational and the Efterklang boys have delivered a record of real beauty.

Pictured: The slowly decaying mining town of Piramida

Experimentation is key and they’ve done enough sound recordings in empty oil tanks and the like to produce a record that never has a dull moment. Standout is ‘The Ghost’ a haunting and affecting song that highlights the bands strengths. Namely frontman Caspar Clausen’s tremendous vocals and an ability to construct melancholic melody that grasps the listener by the lapel and shakes them into taking notice of this band’s sound. ‘Apples’ is a lament that waves goodbye to love and it’s a track where the band’s sound really soars. Likewise ‘Black Summer’is a sonically rich and thickly layered affair that benefits from a substantially-sized choir.

This is a grown up album that is massively ambitious in it’s scope and ultimately provides a rewarding experience for the listener. They’ve taken a step back from the more accessible radio friendly fare of 2010’s Magic Chairs and delivered an album of real immediacy and scope which is an altogether more sober but nonetheless engaging affair.

Piramida is out now (4AD)

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